Selling Tips

Why Won’t My House Sell!

Jason & Jacee

Ever talk to a Realtor about selling your house? Did they promise you could sell your house quickly and for more money than you expected?

This is usually the scenario when we talk with homeowners. Sometimes, people realize that even if the Realtor does what he/she says, people will still make less money than they hoped for. You see, after paying your salespeople (Realtors) 6% off the top, paying inspections, surveys… you get the picture.

As a result, many people are still opting to go for sale by owner. The question arises 2,3,6 months in: Why won’t my house sell?

The answer is not always to go running back to the Realtor. Here are some tips to think about when selling your home that even Realtors don’t do from time to time:

  • Organize your house and clean it like never before!
  • When your house isn’t cleaned and organized, many buyers cannot see the vision. They see the house in the picture of this blog post. It simply is harder to imagine it as their dream home.
  • Advertise your house.
  • A little secret about selling houses. If people don’t know it’s for sale, they will not make offers. You don’t have to be tech savvy or even need a ton of effort to advertise your home. Just put it on Zillow, Craigslist, put a sign in the yard, maybe an open house every now and then. Some action is better than none.
  • Price your house fairly.
  • Come one people! You don’t need a real estate license to have a general idea of what your home is worth. If you think its probably worth somewhere between $130,000 and $150,000, don’t list it at $180,000. Common since. Ask for a professional opinion on price, but don’t try to rip a new buyer off for an extra $30,000… It just wont work.

There are plenty tricks of the trade to make your house sell quicker and for more money. In our opinion, these three simple principles are really the core of what you need to do.

Just like losing weight. Don’t spend countless hours trying to analyze if you should have grilled veggies, baked veggies, or steamed veggies. Just start out with eating veggies in general and worry about the small detail later.