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Why Renters STAY

Jason & Jacee

Whenever you hear about landlords, what are the descriptions that come to mind? Cheap? Rude? For most people, the stereotypes are bad… and too often the stereotypes are proven true through personal experiences.

Since tenants can make or break your house as a rental, they are very important! What they think of you as a landlord is more important than you probably think. Below are some of the most common reasons tenant’s look to leave.

The Causes

  • Privacy
  • In order to ensure your tenants see your property as a home and not just a house, you should treat them like it is their home. Check up on your property to ensure its condition, but keep checkups to a minimum. If you want to foster a great relationship with your tenants, do not be the landlord who visits constantly to take pictures.
  • Set Clear Expectations
  • Payment guidelines should not be confusing, rent increases should not be surprises, and scheduled maintenance should not be a hassle. Be sure that everybody in clear as to what is expected of each other. When it comes time to do something like increase the rent, the last thing you need is a call from your tenants to fight it. When every knows up front what will happen, people are much happier.
  • Prompt And Precise Communication
  • Many problems happen due only to miscommunication and lack of communication. Make sure to always address and repeat back every concern your tenants have to ensure everything is handled. Otherwise your tenants might be mad because they think you do not care. In reality, reality you may have simply interpreted their concern differently from what they meant. Also, people deserve timely responses to questions and concerns. This is good manners and buys a lot of rapport.

Getting tenants to stay is fairly simple. When you treat them as if the house is their home, it will encourage then not only to stay, but also to take great care of the house. Great communication will allow you to handle any concerns before they become serious problems.

If you have any questions or concerns about your rental property, feel free to reach out to us.