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Why Renters LEAVE

Jason & Jacee

We get phone calls every week from tired landlords that are sick of tenants not paying, paying late, and trashing houses. They become very frustrated trying to understand why their tenant experiences are so horrible.

Our tenants on the other hand are amazing! They never trash our houses. They never pay late. They never call with silly problems/requests. We love our tenants and they do not leave us.


Have you ever rented a house from someone and moved out? If so, ask yourself why you left and that will likely give you clues to why other tenants leave as well. Sometimes things happen that you as a homeowner/landlord cannot control. Things like tenants moving for job relocation, buying their own home, or moving into a bigger home to suit new children happen. What we are talking about are the negative experiences that make tenants want to leave. These are usually things that a homeowner/landlord can control, but do not.

The Causes

  • Maintenance Problems
  • When living in a house that constantly has problems with the a/c, water heater, old faucets, leaky roof, etc. this is frustrating! Would you want to keep your family in a house where things are constantly having issues?
  • Outdated
  • Tenant’s who want to raise a family in a home and stay a long time want something nice. Long-term, quality tenants are attracted to nice houses. When your property is outdated, less people are attracted. Your potential pool of tenant’s becomes lessened to a group of people who do not care much about the condition of the house… See where this one is going?
  • Overpriced
  • Renting a house out for a high price sounds great on the surface. For a time, it can work out great for the homeowner/landlord. Over time, tenants will realize that they are overpaying for rent and may become squeezed financially. Paying rent on time becomes tough, and they will start to shop around the market for other houses. What would you do if you think they will do when they find a similar house for a cheaper price?

In our opinion, the core of attractive great tenants are providing a great house at a great price. Perform on these things, and your tenants will perform for you.

Check out our posts next week where we explain what specifically makes tenants stay!