Seller Situations

Why People HATE Investors

Jason & Jacee

A few months back, we got a bad call from a homeowner in response to a letter we mailed to her house. It was obvious that she didn’t like us as soon as she started talking.

What Happened

In her mind, we were some low-ball offering, greedy flippers trying to steal her house… All we did was send a letter and answer a phone call. Regardless, she picked us apart as soon as we answered the phone. This is how it went.

Before we could even introduce ourselves, she told us about how we didn’t care, were “flippers”, and were going to give her a low-ball price. She said she shouldn’t even have called us, then hung up the phone. The call probably didn’t even last one full minute.

That was all. Short and sour. The call felt pretty degrading and frustrating, but we understand where she was coming from. It was clear this woman had been trying to sell her home for some time and had terrible experiences.

Here is what some sellers have told us about other investors when they came to us:

  • They were pushy
  • They clearly didn’t care about the homeowner’s situation
  • They negotiated HARD on price… really hard
  • They kept talking about how bad of shape the house was in
  • They kept emphasizing how they had CASH! Cash, cash, cash
  • They backed out of their contract last minute

These are all bad negotiation tactics commonly used by investors. It’s no wonder others like this woman don’t give people a chance.

The Good News

Sometimes stereotypes can prove true, as is in the case of that woman. All the investors she spoke with were a waste of time. On the other hand, we have been very fortunate to work with and learn from some amazing people who are investors. (And they don’t do the things listed above)

When it comes to selling, renting, buying your home, don’t shut out your options. Move on from unethical people, but keep moving forward. Dealing with real estate is not that bad. Just align yourself with the right people to guide you, and you’ll be fine