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We Buy Houses Cash or SCAM!

Jason & Jacee

We have all seen the ads. You know the ones with messages like “We Buy Houses Cash!”, “Sell Your Home Quick!”, and “Any Condition, Any Situation!”

Whether we see them online or on the side of the road, they make us wonder. Are these people and companies the real deal or are they all scams? Let us tell you the secrets most of them do not want you to know.

Who Are They?

Wholesalers. Not wholesaling in the conventional terms most us are used to though. Wholesalers are “investors” who get houses under contract to buy with the intention of selling the contract to a real investor. The vast majority of the time, they have ZERO intentions of buying the house themselves.

You read that right. A very, VERY high percentage of these ads are from people who do not actually… buy houses!

So It Is A Scam!

Not always. The real issue is when these “investors” lie by claiming they are buying your house. If they cannot find a legitimate buyer, they never close because they were never going to buy your house themselves anyways. That is deceptive, unethical, and is a scam.

Some of these wholesalers will disclose this up front. But why? Well there is a time and place for wholesalers… or at least honest ones. When houses are in particularly bad shape, wholesalers can provide a ton of value. This is because they can help find an investor buyer who actually can close cash and fast.

Closing Thoughts

Do not write off all the ads you see. Sometimes they are from legitimate companies that really do buy houses, such as us! At the same time, do your due diligence. Get to know your potential buyers. Get references and proof of funds. And how about looking up to ensure they are  real company that is in business!

Do not risk going through the stress of dealing with a sketchy buyer. If you are considering selling your home, give us a call. We guarantee to Make A Difference Before We Make A Dollar™.