Seller Situations

Tips On Dealing With Foreclosure

Jason & Jacee

Almost half of the people we work with are in some stage of foreclosure. It seems foreclosures have become a common thing in the Tampa Bay area.

Are You Alone?

At the time of this writing there are 118 forecloses scheduled this WEEK alone in Hillsborough County. This month, there are over 400 scheduled altogether.

The next time you think you or someone you know is alone when dealing with foreclosure, realize that this is common. It’s not good, it’s not fun, its often not easy, but you’re not alone. There are countless people who have gone through it and countless people who know how to navigate through it.

What To Do

Relax and focus on what you can do, not what’s already happened.
Too many people stress out and make quick decisions, or no decision at all, which creates worse situations.
Seek more advice/ opinions.
People have different experiences and opinions. Before deciding what to do, gather all the information you can. It will help you to make the best decision on a course of action.
Judge and evaluate the advice you receive.
Often, we hear people tell us that their Realtor said to do a short sale, or start missing payments, or file for bankruptcy, and so on. Think about the consequences of your decisions and ask others what they think about the advice you’ve received.
Don’t rule out people and possibilities.
Just because you think attorneys are expensive, or investors are slimy, or Realtors are glorified sales people, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t listen to all of them. Sometimes the advice you wrote off in the beginning may be your best option.
Do something!
Don’t just let your house foreclose because you don’t want to deal with the stress. TAKE ACTION! We’ve seen too many people let their houses go when they didn’t have to.


We’ve stopped foreclosures as quickly as one business day before the auction date. We encourage you to seek out options when in foreclosure. If you know of people in foreclosure, encourage them.

We live in a country full of options and opportunity. Take advantage for yourself.