Selling Tips

Renovation Realities

Jason & Jacee

We do quite a bit of renovations and are still surprised to learn new things each time. From picking out floors, paint, and cabinets, to hiring contractors, something unexpected always happens.

Thinking Of Renovating?

Renovating your house can be a great option to increase its value and sell it faster. Too often, homeowners make mistakes that costs thousands of dollars and sometimes months of time. If you are thinking of doing some renovations, we have created this article to give you some quick pointers to help all go as planned.

Choosing Materials

It is important to remember that people have different preferences when it comes to wood/tile floors, tan/grey paint, white/brown cabinets, vanities, light fixtures, and more. If you are going to sell your house, choose materials that are relatively neutral.

You may love a red accent wall, white floors, and blue bedrooms. Typically those are all personal preferences for a minority of the population. Just play it safe and stick with typical colors. Not only is it important to remain neutral with colors, but it is also important to remain neutral with pricing levels.

If you are looking at flooring that costs $2.50/square ft, do not get dazzled and upsold on the $3.00/sf flooring. Unless you truly believe it will make a difference in the sales price of the house, have the discipline not to overspend. The same goes for spending too little! Cheap flooring usually looks like cheap flooring, and buyers will notice.

Hiring Labor

We have had many nightmares when it comes to contractors. The industry is not tightly regulated and every seems to claim to be able to do any job you ask about. The risks of hiring the wrong contractors are people running off with your money, people taking months to finish a job that should take a week, and bad quality.


Here are a few quick tips:

  1. Collect license and insurance paperwork.

          πŸ”˜ AND verify! Some contractors have faked paperwork with us before.

  1. Sign a detailed agreement with specific work information, timelines, discount penalties, payment schedules, and anything else that could come up later.

          πŸ”˜ If a dispute comes up, you want to have it in writing what everyone agreed to.

  1. Never pay upfront.

          πŸ”˜ You may get away with this once, but eventually someone WILL run off with your money.

  1. Use a credit card to make payments.

          πŸ”˜ With a credit card, you can always dispute the charge and get your money back if the contractor doesn’t finish or does a terrible job. If you pay with cash, good luck getting the money back that you are due.

If you are thinking of renovating your house before selling it, plan everything thoroughly. Renovations can pay off huge, but they can also set people back huge when not done right. For any questions or if you would rather sell your house, give us a call!