Seller Situations

Pulling Houses Out Of Foreclosure

Jason & Jacee

With so many foreclosures in the Tampa Bay Area each week, we are constantly working on buying houses from homeowners before their house goes to auction. The process of dealing with banks and attorneys is draining and frustrating. But there is hope!

What Information We Want

Our first step when stopping a foreclosure is to find out the foreclosure amount. It is important to know because it changes the strategy of how you can sell your house. If your foreclosure amount is $150,000, but the house is worth $100,000, you may not be able to sell the house without doing a short sale. If the foreclosure amount is $10,000, and the house is worth $150,000, you may be able to reinstate the mortgage and continue making payments.

Why The Banks Don’t Help

Often times when we go to stop a foreclosure, we call the bank for this information and they won’t help. The reason is usually because the bank has already hired an attorney to handle the foreclosure case. The bank sometimes won’t provide any information aside from telling us the law firm’s phone number that is handling the case.

Why The Attorneys Don’t Help

When we call the attorneys who are handling the foreclosure cases for the banks, they sometimes won’t help either. The reason is usually a bunch of nonsense. Very rarely will we be able to get on the phone with the actual attorney. We usually speak with a receptionist who has limited access to information regarding the foreclosure.

We make extensive efforts to get on the phone and email with the actual attorney who can answer questions. When this happens, we can move forward relatively quickly with gathering information. Sometimes however, law offices will prevent us from being able to gather information in a timely manner. Some even won’t provide the information needed to make a payment.

When All Else Fails

In the scenario where we run into unethical law groups (it happens more than most would expect), legal action is our next option. We work with local attorneys that have more pull than we do. Their phone calls get moved to top priority and they know exactly what to say to unresponsive law firms. It usually only takes them a day to get all the information needed so we can move forward with stopping a foreclosure.

Local and experienced foreclosure defense attorneys can be lifesavers. Sometimes dealing with foreclosures can get messy, but a professional and trustworthy team can clean it all up. If you are in foreclosure, feel free to give us a call to see how we can help you. We are not attorneys, but with the help of our local team, we have stopped multiple foreclosures even less than one week before auction.