Selling Tips

Fix It Up Before You Sell It

Jason & Jacee

The market has been hot hot hot! Let’s look at a few examples to show you how a hot market can work in your favor:


We’re constantly on the streets talking with sellers, getting an up close and personal view of what’s going on.
Some months ago, we met a younger woman planning to sell her house in Old Northeast St. Pete. Quite a desirable neighborhood right now.
On the same day, a few streets over, we met an older woman planning to sell her house also.

Both women decided they would list their houses with a Realtor.
The younger woman’s house went under contract $5k below list price, CASH on the same day it was listed. Well, that sold shortly after and the younger woman was thrilled!
The older woman’s house went on the market and is still there… the listing will expire any day now. Her house was listed for less and was in the Same neighborhood!


Well, the younger woman had all sorts of excitement when she bought her house. She wanted it to look fabulous, and she definitely achieved that! She remodeled her kitchen and bathrooms with granite and gorgeous cabinets. She added stainless steel appliances that popped. Her floors were given large shiny tiles. Her house had the WOW factor.

The older woman also loved her house and it was nice. However, her kitchen and bathrooms were there same as they were 15 or 20 years ago. Her appliances were black and bland. Her floors were wood and older small tiles that felt lifeless. She did have a great backyard. So we suppose its hard to WOW someone at the end of the tour after seeing the entire inside of the house first.

The Obvious Answer

These 2 woman are great examples of what sells houses, fast and for more money! The market is hot, and when your house has the WOW factor, you’ll see the evidence of what a hot market will do. So please, make sure you fix it up before you sell it!