Selling Tips

Are Realtors Really Experts?

Jason & Jacee

Ever had a Realtor come to your house with a suit and tie, briefcase, and large dose of overconfidence? Many people see Realtors as real estate experts, yet the truth is that many are not.

Realtors Are Us

Ever been pitched on how great the real estate industry is and why you should get your real estate license? Who hasn’t?

According to the Tampa Bay Times, 33,000 people took the Florida real estate exam for the first time in 2016. The number of real estate agents in our area is astounding. A high percentage of agents you run into are just getting started and are not full time professionals.

Real Estate “Sales” Agent

As in all businesses, sales is necessary to grow. The trouble is that with so many brand new agents, the common sales strategies are often deceptive, misguided, and misinformed.

For example:

  • Exaggerating experience,
  • Over quoting what a home could sell for, and
  • Claiming to know more about a technical subject than one really does.

As a homeowner, you need to be cautious when taking technical advice from someone who lacks experience in what they are advising. Additionally, you need to be aware of the conflicts of interest. A Realtor who lists your house will make a commission on the sale regardless of your house selling at the price you were promised.

Experienced Professionals

Not all Realtors are bad. There are also many fantastic Realtors who are true professionals with great experience and knowledge. The point here is to simply bring awareness that the title “Realtor” does not provide enough credibility by itself.

When it comes to selling your house, do your due diligence on any professional. A little bit of effort up front can prevent a lot of headaches in the future.